Bali Incense

Incense from Bali is made from aromatic herbs, flowers and precious woods based on Ghee oil with the addition of natural honey.

We recommend you to try 3 types of incense:
Ubud is a classic honey fragrance for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with incense. Sweet and rich bouquet.

Canggu - herbal incense with patchouli, strong musky and slightly earthy aroma.

Uluwatu is an unobtrusive, steady, balsam-sweet fragrance of warm wood, with subtle notes of vegetable musk. Velvety and sweet smell.

Incense fills the entire space with a pleasant smell.
They help to calm the mind and find balance. Natural ingredients only enhance the relaxing effect.

The burning time of 1 stick is approximately 1 hour 
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