«Bali hand» Incense Holder

A hand-shaped holder for incense, palo santo or jewelry.
It is identical in size to the average female palm, roomy and multifunctional.
Use it for:
▪️ Meditation with incense
▪️ Jewelry storage
▪️ For taking baths (a tea candle or palo santo can be placed in the "hand")

Bali Hand is one of our first product, that we are very proud of.
Two identical products simply do not exist! Available in several colors.

One holder will become a laconic addition to your home.
2-3 holders standing side by side will become an interesting decor in any space. Combine them in different shades and colors or create a monochrome composition.

Make a present for your dearest. Such a sign of attention will be appreciated by yoga and meditation lovers.

lwh: 150x100x50 mm

Weight: 500 g

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